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An intense aroma Italian coffee

Originally from Brazil, the coffee we offer is imported directly from the Naples region of Italy. Wanting to know the coffee we sell perfectly, we went in search of a small local roasting company that was authentic, of high quality and whose methods follow traditions.


We fell in love with a family business near Naples called Almoka.


The coffee they produce is based on roasting the beans subjected to a very high temperature, between 200 and 220 ° C. The roasting methods used allow variations in taste yield and a final aroma of incomparable quality to be obtained.


Going to get coffee directly from the roasting factory, we do not need any intermediary, which allows us to offer you high quality coffee at very affordable prices. In addition, we were keen to know all the details of their roasting processes, in order to be able to advise our customers with precision.


Whether you are an individual or a professional, you will find the right offer for your needs: ground coffee, beans in pods or Nespresso capsules. Other products are also available such as coffee machines from Italy.


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Genève, Suisse


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Coffee has been a passion for me for many years.


I also love customer contact, so it is only natural that I take great pleasure in reconciling the two in order to share the emotion that our coffee brings.






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