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Caffè Terra Mia


We have only one land and we must protect it, it and its inhabitants. This is why Caffè Terra Mia is committed to improving the quality of life of the population and wants to be eco-responsible in order to keep the earth as clean and healthy as possible. Our commitment is united and ecological! And it is partly thanks to you that we will be able to carry out this project, which revolves around two concrete actions:


Help associations achieve their goals


Every day, associations work to improve the well-being of the population and need support to carry out their activities. So we decided to help through the sale of our products. We guarantee that for each order placed on our website, 1.- will be paid to an association . This amount is a starting point because our business is still very young. But we aspire to increase our participation in future years. To start our engagement, we have chosen to help an association which is particularly close to our hearts:


The AAPDP association is a humanitarian institution subsidized by the city of Geneva, working for disadvantaged people in Africa. The right of everyone to education has been enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. However, Africa has one of the highest rates of exclusion from education.


Acting for the climate through recycling


We are aware that the products we sell emit polluting waste, especially plastic and aluminum. However, this waste is recyclable and should not be found among other household waste.


Caffè Terra Mia decided to collect the waste from its customers during their second order, in order to bring it to the recycling center, and therefore contribute to the proper sorting of waste. We ask you only one thing: keep the waste (capsules, plastic bags ...) until our next visit *.


A harmless gesture can become a noble gesture. Let's act together for the earth.





* Caffè Terra Mia is still in its infancy, and this ecological project was established in December 2018. For this reason, we do not yet have the possibility of recovering waste in localities outside the canton of Geneva. But we will do everything to get there as quickly as possible.


Engages with Swiss associations

Environmentally friendly

Promotes recycling of waste

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